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A Special Thank You to Jill Morrison!

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Where would we be without the help of our WLPPF director, Jill Morrison? She has provided so much support, both tangible and intangible, to help make this project possible. We are humbled by her generosity!

Here are Jill’s own words about why she donated to the project:

“I am Jill Morrison, the Director of the Georgetown Women’s Law & Public Policy Fellowship program. This year, two Fellows, Juliet and Gillian, have joined forces to improve the lives of girls in Uganda. I am proud to provide the seed funding for this project because it is so simple, so elegant, and so meaningful to those helped. It is also the brainchild of dynamic two women who, despite their full time commitment to advancing women’s human rights, have found it in their hearts to make the time to do just a little bit more. I hope you will also lend your support to their efforts.”

Jill and LAWAs on the hill

Thank you to Jill for believing in us! If you believe in us too, contribute today.

Juliet & Gillian

One thought on “A Special Thank You to Jill Morrison!

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