over the moon project

supporting access to education for girls in rural uganda

The Power of Your Support

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photo credit: Catie Corbin

As you think about whether to support the project, please consider how Over the Moon could use your donation:

  • $10 would cover the cost of one set of 8 reusable menstrual pads designed to last for at least one year, allowing one girl to focus on her studies without fear of embarrassment from menstrual accidents.
  • $15 would cover one set of pads plus proper underwear, which girls need in order to use the pads.
  • $50 could provide pads for five girls!
  • $150 could provide ten girls with pads and underwear, covering them for at least one year.
  • $200 would cover pads for 20 girls, or the cost of educational materials and books to provide all Akiya girls with year-round access to information on menstrual hygiene, sexual health education, and gender empowerment.
  • $400 would cover the courier and transportation cost of one delivery of pads and underwear from Kampala to Akiya school or $450 could provide pads and underwear to 30 girls!

We have worked hard to ensure that your donations will have the maximum impact on the Akiya girls. All personnel involved with this project are volunteering their time. Our single largest cost, accounting for more than 96% of our budget, is the purchase and delivery of the pads, underwear, and educational materials/books.

How many Akiya girls can you help?  Please donate today!

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